Webpage Layouts

I designed and coded these BrickHouse Security B2B and B2C landing pages.

School Security Page

See the entire School Security Page page and code on my GitHub.

BrickHouse Security B2B School Security landing page

Construction Security Page

See the entire Construction Security Page page and code on my GitHub.

BrickHouse Security B2B Construction landing page BrickHouse Secuirty B2B Medical landing page BrickHouse Security GPS Tracker landing page BrickHouse Security Camscura landing page


The mBand is a wearable technology that sends an alert in case of an emergency. It is designed to be a fashionable piece of jewelry, that functions. With a press of a button on the side of the ring, mBand sends a text with your GPS location to your close contacts, and notifies a central monitoring station with your information. I was part of the creative team that designed the ring and closelly collaborated with the Industrial Designers. I design the mBand App and logo based on feedback from the creative team I work with. In addition, I was the lead photographer and editor on the mBand lifestyle photo shoot. mBand started out as a Kickstarter campaign and is a project in development.
To learn more about mBand

mBand Ring Functioning mBand Ring App Screens mBand Ring App Screens mBand Ring Mockups mBand Ring

Path Magazine

This magazine was developed as a part of a professional development course at the School of Visual Arts. I designed this magazine for adventure seekers and photographers looking to travel unique places. The focus of the magazine is the discovery of a new uncommon place.
For full version click here >

path magazine spread 1 path magazine spread 2 path magazine spread 3 path magazine spread 4 path magazine spread 7

Email Marketing

The re-designed email marketing campaign has helped increase online sales by 15%.

kechain camera email back to school email keychain camera skiing email campaign

Logo Design

The challenge in creating these logos was to convey not only the BrickHouse Brand identity, but to also voice a solution our services provide.

morza alarm logoBrickHouse Alert product logo designBrickHouse dot IT gps tracking service logo designanswer center logo design lightning gps logo design

Marketing Materials

These print projects were taylored to fit a particular persona whether they were patients or electronics consumers, I had to collaborate within teams to find a perfect solution for each need.

Packaging Design